Office Relocation Plan Work Breakdown Structure

The purpose of this document is to provide project managers and team members with an overview of the requirements for an office relocation. This office relocation plan document can also be used as a checklist in support of an existing office relocation project.

1.1. Project Management

1.1.1. Planning

1.1.2. Budgeting

1.1.3. Scheduling

1.1.4. Procurement Management

1.1.5. Quality Management

1.2. Requirements Definition

1.2.1. New Office Location Customer Base Analysis Physical Office Structure

1.2.2. Constraint Identification

1.2.3. Staffing Plan

1.3. New Office Site Selection

1.3.1. Contract / Lease New Facility

1.3.2. Facilities Access Agreement New Office Location

1.3.3. Notify Existing Realtor

1.4. New Office Design

1.4.1. Architectural Drawings Interior Computer Room Product Lab Offices Boardroom Meeting Rooms Cubicles Reception Open Areas Employee Areas Bathrooms Exterior Veranda Parking

1.4.2. Interior Design Lighting Flooring Walls / Partitions Furnishings Fittings

1.4.3. Communications Requirements Computer Network Cabling Electrical Voice Network Cabling

1.4.4. Security System Key Card Access Physical Security

1.5. Construction Build Out

1.5.1. Planning Permission

1.5.2. Bid Process Vendor Selection Vendor Contracts

1.5.3. Utilities Open Accounts Activation

1.5.4. Interior Construction

1.5.5. Exterior Construction

1.6. Communications Network Build Out

1.6.1. Bid Process Vendor Selection Vendor Contracts

1.6.2. Equipment Purchase and Acquisition Vendor Selection Vendor Contracts

1.6.3. Cabling

1.6.4. Internet Connectivity

1.6.5. Phone System

1.6.6. New Equipment Implementation

1.7. Interior Design

1.7.1. Painting

1.7.2. Flooring

1.7.3. Furnishings and Fittings Vendor Selection Vendor Contracts

1.7.4. Installation

1.8. Quality Review

1.8.1. Code Compliance Construction Electrical

1.8.2. Occupancy Certificate

1.9. Existing Location

1.9.1. Purchase Packing Materials

1.9.2. Moving Company Estimates Vendor Selection Insurance

1.9.3. Staff Packing Paperwork PCs Network Hardware

1.9.4. Cleaning Company

1.10.New Location

1.10.1. Cleaning Company

1.10.2. Staff Unpacking PC Setup

1.10.3. Packing Materials Disposal / Recycling

1.11.New Office Maintenance

1.11.1. Housekeeping

1.11.2. Insurance

1.11.3. Sanitation Services


1.12.1. Change of Address Notification Customers WWW Print Media Radio

1.12.2. Staff Business Cards

1.12.3. Corporate Letterhead and Materials

Microsoft Office Format of Office Relocation Work Breakdown Structure

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