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Call Center Setup

Call center models range from the simple internal IT help desk, to a fully staffed customer care department, to the more complex multi-channel systems with IVR (Intelligent Voice Recognition) and ACD (Automatic Call distribution) call handling.

All call centers will require software to track and manage customer issues, a voice and data network to support the software, and adequate staff to handle call volume.

The following project documents cover varying aspects of call center setup and provide a project management framework for successful deployment of a call center.

Project Documents

Call Center Software Setup Example WBS

Call Center Software Requirements Definition

Call Center Setup Project Risk Matrix

Website Development Project

A well designed website is an excellent sales and marketing vehicle. The Project Diva’s Website Development project lifecycle documents will help you plan and manage your website project from start to finish.

Those of you looking to simply outsource the project to a consulting company should start with the website development project checklist document. This project checklist will provide an outline of items to be considered and specifically addressed with your website development consultant.

In addition to the basic project checklist document, The Project Diva provides detailed website development project documents for project managers and consultants, including work breakdown structure, resource planning and cost estimating plans.

Project Documents

Website Development Checklist

Website Development Work Breakdown Structure

Website Development Project Risk Register

Website Development Contract Considerations

Website Development Project Milestone Examples

Website Development Tasks — Activity Definition


Data Warehouse Project

Invariably, the economy will rebound. When it does, companies which were able to invest in IT infrastructure during the downturn will be in a better position to capitalize upon the economic recovery. There are a number of IT projects and initiatives which can provide immediate return in the form of improved sales and marketing effectiveness, shorter time to market and more efficient customer service.

One area to explore is the vast storehouse of existing company data, including order fulfillment, sales statistics, marketing initiates, project performance metrics, and competitive analysis. A good place to begin evaluating the business value of data mining is to review the organization’s available data. Poorly maintained, corrupt and inaccurate data would likely require substantial investment of time and dollars before that data could be usable for data mining. On the other hand, those companies with reliable data stores that can better manage the data which already exist can often optimize existing programs and business practices, such as product support and order fulfillment.

Project Documents

Data Warehouse WBS

Best Practice for Implementing a Data Warehouse (whitepaper)

Data warehouse risk identification (.doc format)

Search Engine Optimization Project

The best place to begin this project is by researching the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Ultimately, you will need to decide what approach you will take to increase traffic to your website. By conducting a bit of research, you will have a better understanding of the level of work required to achieve your website marketing goals. Wikipedia’s article on search engine optimization is a good place to start.

After learning the principles of search engine optimization, review the project checklist. The Search Engine Optimization checklist will help you ensure your strategy and execution are aligned with your goals, regardless of whether you choose to hire a search engine optimization consulting firm or undertake the project yourself.

Project Documents

Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Search Engine Optimization Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Search Engine Optimization Project Plan (.mpp format)


Application Development Project

These Application Development project lifecycle documents focus specifically on core project planning elements: the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) and cost estimating.

All of these project lifecycle documents should be used together as each reference the same example Application Development Project.

Project Documents

Application Development Project WBS

Application Development Project RBS

Application Development Project Cost Estimating

Application Development Project Plan Template


Trade Show Planning, Execution, Project Closure

Trade shows are a cost effective way to meet many potential customers within a short period of time. These potential customers are interested in the show venue, and by extension, in the products and services which your company offers. The Trade Show Bureau claims that the average total cost of closing a sale in the field is $1,080, while the cost of closing a sale to a qualified trade show prospect is $419 (data taken from http://www.sba.gov).

For the small business, trade shows level the sales and marketing playing field. Floor space is relatively inexpensive, and as such, even small companies can afford a savvy display booth. The success of the trade show, however, does not depend solely on booth design or even the product or service being sold. Successful trade shows depend on how well the show plan is developed and executed.

A trade show is one component of a comprehensive marketing plan, which begins months prior to a show and ends only after the project team have fully explored all of the successes and lessons learned from the trade show project. The trade show project plan will include activities such as researching potential venues, direct marketing to both existing and potential customers, booth design, staff training, well designed product demonstrations, delivering effective seminars, and coordinating all of the show activities to ensure that time spent at the show brings in quality leads that result in sales.

Project Documents

Trade Show Project Plan (.mpp format)

WBS for Trade Show Project Plan

Trade show risk planning, identification and management (.doc format)

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