Elements of a Marketing Plan – An Overview

The Elements of a Marketing Plan

This post will focus on the elements of a marketing plan. A marketing plan identifies company objectives and establishes a strategy for completing activities that support these objectives. The marketing plan document serves as a blueprint for an organization’s marketing efforts and also provides input for a project plan. Thus, the project goals remain in line with the organization’s overall objectives.

A marketing plan is typically written by the Marketing team, with input from Sales, Financial, Product Development, Support and Retail staff. It is comprehensive in nature and provides data for measuring current market share, awareness and product success. Below is an outline of the sample marketing plan. Part 2 of this post will explore the Marketplace Analysis segment of the Marketing Plan.

1 Executive Summary

      1.1 Residential
      1.2 Corporate
    1.3 Key Strategies

2 Contents

3 Marketplace Analysis

      3.1 Political
      3.2 Technological
      3.3 Competitive
    3.4 Summary of Business Implications

4 Segmentation Analysis

      4.1 Corporate Sector
      4.2 Residential Sector
    4.3 Summary of Business Implications

5 Assessment of Opportunities, Threats, Strengths and Weaknesses

      5.1 Opportunities
      5.2 Threats
      5.3 Strengths
      5.4 Weaknesses
    5.5 Summary of Business Implications

6 Business Objectives by Segment

7 Marketing Strategies by Segment

      7.1 Corporate

        7.1.1 Promotional
        7.1.2 Product
        7.1.3 Channel
        7.1.4 Price

7.2 Residential

        7.2.1 Promotional
        7.2.2 Product
        7.2.3 Channel
      7.2.4 Price

8 Marketing Action Plan

9 Marketing Plan Control

10 Key Outcomes

Appendix A Competitive Analysis

  • Competitor A
  • Competitor B
  • Competitor C

Appendix B Spend Profiles-Assumptions by Corporate Segment
Appendix C Company Revenue Budget 2015

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