WBS for Data Migration Project Plan

WBS for Data Migration (New Billing Platform) Project Plan

1.      Project Planning

1.1.   Define project objectives

1.2.   Define project milestones

1.3.   Develop migration plan

1.3.1.Define methods

1.3.2.Define audit control requirements

1.3.3.Define quality management plan

1.3.4.Define risks

1.3.5.Define test plan

1.3.6.Define rollback plan

1.3.7.Define system run parallel parameters

1.4.   Project budgeting

1.5.   HR Planning

1.5.1.Allocate staff resources (assumes internal staffing resources)

1.6.   Project scheduling

1.7.   Project kickoff meeting


2.      New platform preparation

2.1.   Acquire API

2.2.   Review API

2.3.   Review billing superstructures which may impact data import / cleaning / preparation

2.3.1.Billing cycles

2.3.2.Prorating methods

2.3.3.Invoicing and payment customer preferences

2.4.    Data migration

2.4.1.Detailed Requirements documentation

2.4.2.Define business rules

2.5.   Systems configuration

2.5.1.Application customizable field configuration

2.5.2.Product and package catalog setup

2.6.   Test user account setup

2.7.   Database configuration



3.      Existing platform

3.1.   Data structure blueprint and analysis

3.2.   Data cleansing and preparation

3.3.   Design staging areas

3.4.   Task review and Quality Assurance (QA)

3.5.   Trial data exports

3.6.   Production Data export



4.      Import (web) services routines

4.1.   Map trial data to API

4.2.   Build routines

4.3.   Test routines

4.4.   Confirm data compliance


5.      Data import

5.1.   Trial import

5.2.   Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

5.3.   Test schedule

5.4.   Staff scheduling

5.5.   Test documentation

5.6.   Test results review

5.7.   Trial import iterations

5.8.   Production import

5.9.   QA review


6.      System cut over

6.1.   Error tracking and bug fix process definition

6.2.   Patch and maintenance schedule

6.3.   Documentation

6.4.   Manual data fix processes

6.5.   Decommission legacy system

Project Documents

Billing System Data Migration Project Plan WBS (.pdf format)

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