FTTH – Fiber to the Home Project Initiation Document

This is the document that I provided to project stakeholders upon initiating the FTTH project. The project objectives, milestones and critical path elements will be unique to your project. I have redacted the names of specific companies, individuals, etc.

The purpose of this document is

• to formally engage the “fiber one” project
• to confirm project budget
• to define project objectives
• to identify project stakeholders
• to identify key project staff and staff responsibilities
• to provide project milestones
• to define project tasks which are on the critical path
• to highlight project assumptions, constraints and risks
• to provide a formal project reporting format
• to define other project methods

Project Budget

The total project budget allocation is as follows
• $3,756,396 (materials, trenching, main route materials deployment, engineering consulting)
• $972,701 (MDU, small business deployments)
• $375,000 (electronics – PON/GPON)
• $125,000 (IPTV billing integration with billing platform)

Project Objectives

• Trench approximately 35 miles of primary and secondary roads in the areas identified as “West” and “East” on supporting maps, covering the most densely population areas. (See appendix A for a full listing of roads included in the project budget).
• Begin customer deployments no later than October 2017, thereby generating revenue for November 2017 billing cycle
• Overall objective is to deploy service to 50% of homes passed

Project Stakeholders

• Parent Inc.– Parent Company of Subsidiary 1 & Subsidiary
• The CTO is spearheading electronics selection committee
• Subsidiary 1 and Subsidiary 2 – organizations performing the project work
• Consulting Inc. – consulting engineering firm
• Billing Company– Billing and invoicing platform provider
• Trenching Company– organization performing the trenching
• Deployment Company – organization responsible for assisting with customer deployments
• Customers

Key Project Staff & Responsibilities

• CEO – Project Sponsor
• CTO – Program Manager
• PM – Project Manager
• Engineering Manager – Senior Engineer
• CFO – Financial Controller

Project Plan Milestones

• Complete engineering specifications no later than 1st June 2017
• Complete trenching of primary and secondary roads no later than 31st September 2017
• Implement, test and integrate PON/GPON electronics no later than 1st September 2017
• Test & deploy billing system enhancement to support IPTV billing no later than 1st October 2017
• Deploy 180 units by 31st December 2017

Project Critical Path Elements

• Fiber acquisition – due to lengthy lead times in manufacturing and delivery of fiber, at least a partial order must be booked by the end of May 2017. Based on information from the distributor, this order would be delivered by September, providing for time to test the reels and begin deployment of the larger strand count fiber along primary paths.
• GPON / PON electronics acquisition – CTO with Parent Inc. is spearheading the electronics selection committee. Electronics must be on island no later than 1st August 2017.
• IPTV Billing System integration – Requirements gathering will commence the week of 14th May. Requirements definition will need to be complete by mid June.
• Data Center contracts in place – Two locations will serve as project hubs for service deployment. As such, contracts need to be complete by 1 July 2017. This will ensure adequate time to modify the spaces, implement necessary equipment.

Project Assumptions, Constraints & Risks

These items will be addressed in a separate document.

Project Reporting

The project manager will provide a weekly status report to all staff on the “fiber one management” project distribution list. The email address for this group is: ftth_mgmt@subsidiary.com.

Project Documents

All FTTH project documents should be stored on [network drive]. Government, regulatory submissions, formal correspondences, maps and all other project documents should also be saved to [network drive].

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