Data Center Relocation Work Breakdown Structure

The purpose of this document is to provide project managers and team members with an overview of the requirements for a data center relocation. This data relocation plan document can also be used as a checklist in support of an existing data center relocation project.

1.1. Data Center Relocation Project Management

1.1.1. Scheduling

1.1.2. Procurement Management

1.2. New Data Center Requirements Definition

1.2.1. Business Service Level Agreement Insurance

1.2.2. Technical Current Data Center Inventory Communications Migration Requirements Contract Review New Data Center Rack Diagrams Communications Interconnects Cabling Power Environmental Controls Security Access

1.3. Acquisition

1.3.1. New Data Center Site Visit Contract

1.3.2. Hardware Issue RFP Selection Criteria Purchase

1.3.3. Communications Data Interconnect Voice Interconnect

1.4. Installation Prerequisites

1.4.1. Resource Allocation

1.4.2. Notifications Internal Customer

1.4.3. Site Preparation Circuit Cut Over Plan Rack Space Allocation Power Cabling Network IP Allocation

1.4.4. Testing

1.4.5. Configuration Backups

1.4.6. Detailed Installation Documentation

1.5. Migration

1.5.1. Hardware Installation Testing

1.5.2. Routing and Switching Cut Over Testing Cancel Circuit to Old Data Center

1.6. Operations Switch Over

1.6.1. SLA monitoring

1.6.2. Documentation

1.6.3. Disaster Recovery Testing

Microsoft Office Format of Data Center Relocation Plan Work Breakdown Structure

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