IT Disaster Recovery Project Objectives

  • Document all existing IT practices, procedures, standards and guidelines by June 2017.

  • Inventory and document all IT systems, software and supporting network infrastructure by July 2017.

  • Identify and document all 3rd party IT service and support partners; provide contact information and copies of associated contracts by July 2017

  • Establish an IT Disaster Recovery Committee to review accepted practices, procedures, standards and guidelines defined as a result of this project and prioritize importance of IT systems by August 2017.

  • Establish a formal and documented Disaster Recovery Program by September 2017.

  • Establish a redundant data center, and deploy those services identified as high priority by the Disaster Recovery Committee by October 2017.

  • Deploy those services identified as medium priority to the redundant data center by December 2017.

  • Implement Maintenance and Operations plans that ensure on-going, annual review of the IT Disaster Recovery Programs established by this project by December of 2017.

  • Execute disaster recovery test plan “trial run” by December of 2017.

  • Develop and distribute IT Disaster Recovery Plan documentation to management and staff members identified by the Disaster Recovery Committee by December of 2017.

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