Software Selection Work Breakdown Structure

This software selection project plan document project provides project managers and stakeholders with an overview of project deliverables. This work breakdown structure document can also be used as a checklist for ensuring all key software selection and acceptance criteria are met.

1.1. Software Selection Project Management

1.1.1. Stakeholder Analysis

1.1.2. Communications Management Plan

1.1.3. Budgeting

1.1.4. Risk Management Plan

1.1.5. Change Management Plan

1.1.6. Procurement Management Plan

1.2. Understand Business Requirements

1.2.1. Software and Process GAP Analysis Business Process Review Users and User Roles Current Technologies / Software Define Strategic Goals Market Position Revenue

1.2.2. Constraints Timeframe Budget

1.2.3. Regulatory and Legal Compliance

1.2.4. Document Business Requirements (RFP)

1.2.5. Stakeholder Signoff

1.3. Software Product Selection

1.3.1. Preliminary Product Research RFP Sent to Select Vendors

1.3.2. RFP Review Process Define RFP Selection Committee Define Vendor Selection / RFP Weighting Criteria Vendor Open Q&A Sessions Vendor Presentations Vendor Selection

1.3.3. Vendor Contract Detailed Vendor Scope Statement Implementation Project Plan

1.4. Acquisition

1.4.1. Hardware RFP /Vendor Selection Servers Rack Routing and Switching

1.4.2. Network Infrastructure RFP/Vendor Selection

1.5. Deployment

1.5.1. Network Implementation

1.5.2. Hardware Implementation

1.5.3. Systems Integration

1.5.4. Operations Switch Over

1.5.5. Documentation End User Documentation Application Administration Documentation System Administrator Documentation Disaster Recovery

1.5.6. Software Training End User Training System Administrator Training

Microsoft Office Format of Software Selection Work Breakdown Structure

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