Project Procurement — Example Consultancy Agreement

Project procurement management is primarily concerned with the processes necessary to acquire the goods or services necessary for the execution and completion of the project. A major component of the procurement process is contract creation and administration.

Such a procurement contract represents a legally binding agreement between the service buyer and the service provider. A procurement contract, such as the below example consulting contract, include a information relating to all parties involved in the contract – in this case the “Company” and the “Consultant” – as well as a definition of the services to be performed, terms and conditions, liability and warranty indemnification clauses, payment terms and conditions, as well as other pertinent information relating to the good or service being procured.

Contracts, including the below example consulting contract, are complex legal documents and must be amended and reviewed by professional legal staff, as laws relating to procurement and liability will vary between jurisdictions and do depend, at least in part, on the services being procured.

Project Procurement Planning — Example Consultancy Agreement (.doc format)

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