Application Development Project Work Breakdown Structure

Detailed planning is essential for successful deployment of custom software. This document provides project managers with a work breakdown structure (WBS), which defines all of the application development project’s critical deliverables.

1.1. Application Development Project Management

1.1.1. Communication Management Plan

1.1.2. Resource Procurement and Management Plan

1.1.3. Scope Development

1.1.4. Risk Management Plan

1.1.5. Quality Management Plan

1.1.6. Budget

1.1.7. Scheduling

1.1.8. Document Change Control Processes

1.2. Business Requirements

1.2.1. Evaluate Existing Processes Document All Existing Users and User Roles Regulatory Compliance Audit Control Reporting End User Management System Administrative /
Technical 3rd Party

1.2.2. Evaluate Legacy Application(s) 3rd Party Interconnects Evaluate Legacy Data

1.2.3. Define New Business Rules

1.2.4. Define New Workflow

1.2.5. Define Specific UI Requirements

1.2.6. Define Specific Technology Requirements

1.2.7. Requirements Documentation

1.3. Application Architecture

1.3.1. Functional Specifications Process Models User Interface nTier Logic Database Model

1.3.2. Technical Specifications Platform Specifications Development Language Specifications

1.3.3. Client Signoff

1.4. Application Development

1.4.1. Create Code Design Document Define Features Included in Each

1.4.2. Implement Code Control System

1.4.3. Setup Development Environment

1.4.4. UI Development

1.4.5. Code Development Release Testing Bug Fixes

1.5. Application Testing

1.5.1. Test Environment Setup

1.5.2. Test Plan

1.5.3. Unit Testing

1.5.4. UAT

1.5.5. Results Reporting

1.6. Application Deployment

1.6.1. Production Data Migration

1.6.2. Operations Switch Over

1.6.3. Documentation End User Documentation Application Administration
Documentation System Administrator Documentation Disaster Recovery

1.6.4. Training End User Training System Administrator Training

Microsoft Office Format of Application Development Work Breakdown Structure

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