Systems Upgrade Work Breakdown Structure

1.1 Systems Upgrade Project Management

1.2. Upgrade Requirements

1.2.1. Business – Internal

1.2.2. Business – External / customer facing

1.2.3. Technical

1.3. Acquisition

1.3.1. Hardware Issue RFP Selection criteria Purchase

1.3.2. Software Issue RFP Selection Criteria Purchase

1.4. Installation

1.4.1. Hardware Site preparation Rack allocation Networking Testing

1.4.2. Software Implementation Patch Testing


1.5. Implementation

1.5.1. Implementation plan Maintenance window notification Database migration Testing

1.5.2. Contingency plan

1.5.3. Application switch over Testing

1.5.4. Operations switch over

1.5.5. Documentation

1.5.6. Update networking monitoring

1.5.7. Notification to customers

Microsoft Office Format of Systems Upgrade Work Breakdown Structure

Graphical version of Systems Upgrade Work Breakdown Structure

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