Product Deployment Work Breakdown Structure

1.1. Product Deployment Project Management

1.1.1. Initiation Stakeholder Identification Document Assumptions, Dependencies, Constraints Charter Define Product Launch Team

1.1.2. Planning Budget Resource Management Plan Scheduling Quality Management Plan Risk Communications

1.1.3. Execution Project Reporting

1.1.4. Control Conformance Testing

1.1.5. Closing

1.2. Engineering

1.2.1. Product Quality / Market Readiness Review Quality Management Plan Testing Fitness For Use Product Certification

1.3. Product Production

1.3.1. Pilot Production

1.3.2. Process Modeling

1.3.3. Finalized Product Specifications

1.3.4. Manufacturing Component Sourcing Component Acquisition Manufacturer Selection RFP Define Selection Criteria Site Visits Selection Contracts Quality Control International Standards Compliance Prototype Evaluation Production Scheduling Shipping / Export Documentation Specifications Inventory Management

1.4. Sales

1.4.1. Forecasting

1.4.2. Distribution / Sales Channel Planning

1.4.3. Reporting


1.5. Operations Handover

1.5.1. Product Support Plan

1.5.2. Policies Exchange Refund Part Replacement

1.5.3. Support Center Certification

1.5.4. Support Center Spare Parts

1.6. Marketing

1.6.1. Market Plan Research Branding Strategy Product Limited Release Test Plan

1.6.2. Focus Group Testing

1.6.3. Communications Materials Advertising Package Design Package Manufacturing RFP Vendor Selection Vendor Contracts Launch Collateral Press Release Investor Conference Call

1.7. Training

1.7.1. Sales Sales Management Service and Support

1.7.2. Technical Documentation Staff

1.7.3. Customer Support Staff

1.8. Documentation

1.8.1. Technical

1.8.2. Support and Service


Microsoft Office Format of Product Deployment Work Breakdown Structure

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