Point of Sale Software Implementation Work Breakdown Structure

1.1. Point of Sale Implementation Project Management

1.2. Requirements

1.2.1. Technical Hardware and peripherals Software POS support software Custom inventory interconnect Custom accounting interconnect Backup software licenses Networking VPN Security Redundancy / DR

1.2.2. Business Existing systems integration Card processing Custom reporting

1.2.3. Human Resources Internal Resource identification Vendor resource identification

1.3. Acquisition

1.3.1. Hardware and peripherals Vendor selection Purchase Shipping

1.3.2. Software Allocate application development resource Purchase other support software

1.4. Implementation

1.4.1. Hardware Rack space allocation

1.4.2. Software Platform POS Supporting

1.4.3. Communications Cabling Core routing and switching Internet connectivity Phone connectivity Connectivity testing

1.4.4. Preliminary testing

1.5. Inventory

1.5.1. Process management workflow

1.5.2. SKU scanning Gift cards Gen Merchandise

1.6. Application Deployment

1.6.1. System Integration Inventory system Accounting system Card processing Merchant account

1.6.2. System configuration User accounts Reporting Data exports Backup schedule

1.6.3. Initial Testing

1.6.4. Operations Handover Vendor support details

1.7. Implementation Testing

1.7.1. Test Plan

1.7.2. Acquire test cards

1.7.3. UAT Transactions Scanning Card swipe Reconciliation

1.7.4. Test Reporting

1.8. Training

1.8.1. Documentation

1.8.2. User Training

Microsoft Office Format of Point of Sale Implementation Work Breakdown Structure

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