Project Stakeholder Questionnaire

Project stakeholders can include the project sponsor, project manager, members of the performing business area, customers, and project team members.

By asking the same questions of all stakeholders, the project manager will have an understanding of stakeholder priorities, expectations and underlying assumptions. The questionnaire should be amended to reflect particular project requirements.

  • How do you envision your role as a project stakeholder?

  • What are the objectives of this project?

  • What underlying business problem/opportunity is the project seeking to resolve/capitalize upon?

  • How will this project benefit the organization?

  • What factors are critical to the success or failure of this project?

  • Is this project related to any other project in the organization? If so, how will the success (or failure) impact the organization’s other projects?

  • What specific risks are may impact or influence, either positively or negatively, the outcome of the project?

  • What are the most important project deliverables?

  • When does the project need to be delivered or completed?

  • What specific milestones or deliverables have been committed or are expected to be completed by a particular date?

  • Has funding been allocated for this project? If so, what is the estimated project budget?

  • Which is the most important project constraint: time, scope, budget or quality?

  • How should project communications be handled?

  • Are there any key project issues which have not been addressed?

  • Who are the other project stakeholders? What is their role in the project?

Once the project manager has interviewed all of the key project stakeholders, the responses should be analyzed and collated. By prioritizing stakeholder reponses to questions such as “Which is the most important project constraint: time, scope, budget or quality?,” the project manager will have guidance for project decision-making during the execution and control phases of the project.

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