Website development responsibility matrix

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix for a customer support website development project

Project Sponsor,Contact Details (Phone,Email)

  • Formally initiating project
  • Project oversight
  • Support project team
  • Provide guidance to the Project Manager
  • Negotiate with executive management for allocation of resources as needed
  • Sign off and review of project components

Project Manager, Contact Details (Phone,Email)

  • Develop project plan, including scope, schedule, budget, communications and quality management plans
  • Manage project activities, including sub contractors if used
  • Liase with project sponsors
  • Provide status reports and project performance metrics

Customer Support Manager, Contact Details (Phone,Email)

  • Support business analysts in their effort to define project scope
  • Allocate support staff resources for project tasks
  • Provide updates to Project Manager

Customer Support Employee,Contact Details (Phone,Email)

  • Support scope definition process
  • Data review and cleansing
  • Testing
  • Provide updates to Project Manager

Programmers, Design Staff, Contact Details (Phone,Email)

  • Web interface development
  • Web applications development
  • Preliminary system testing
  • Data migration
  • Provide updates to Project Manager

Other resources, Contact Details (Phone,Email)

  • List specific responsibilities

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