Project Procurement: Get a Head Start on Contracts

Organizations generally use a standard set of contract templates for service delivery, product acquisition, infrastructure sharing, construction and resale. For projects which will require goods or services to be procured outside of the organization, such a contract library is indispensable.

If it is likely that a project will require a particular external resource, then the contract definition process should begin as early in project planning as is possible. By submitting the contract framework to legal early in the project, they can ensure that all of the standard legal clauses applicable to the project are in place. Because of project scope changes, the legal department will again need to review the contract prior to delivery to the vendor. Based on my experience, this dual-review method expedites delivery of the contract to the vendor at a critical time in the project schedule.

There are good resources available on the internet which provide legal forms and contract templates. The Project Diva is not affiliated with any of the links listed on this page. These are simply a few of the resources we found while looking for contract templates.

It is essential that all contracts be reviewed by a lawyer familiar with your business!

Legal Zoom

The Law Depot

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