Data Warehouse Project Planning Documents

Data Warehouse Project

There are a number of IT projects and initiatives which can provide immediate return in the form of improved sales and marketing effectiveness, shorter time to market and more efficient customer service.

One area to explore is the vast storehouse of existing company data, including order fulfillment, sales statistics, marketing initiates, project performance metrics, and competitive analysis. A good place to begin evaluating the business value of data mining is to review the organization’s available data. Poorly maintained, corrupt and inaccurate data would likely require substantial investment of time and dollars before that data could be usable for data mining. On the other hand, those companies with reliable data stores that can better manage the data which already exist can often optimize existing programs and business practices, such as product support and order fulfillment.

Project Documents

Data Warehouse WBS

Best Practice for Implementing a Data Warehouse (whitepaper)

Data warehouse risk identification (.doc format)

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