Office Relocation Example Project Assumptions

Project assumptions must be fully documented at the inception of project planning. Assumptions form the basis of the project scope, directly impact project scheduling and budget, and provide a framework for risk identification and management.

It is essential that project assumptions be re-evaluated during the course of project execution, since many initial assumptions will have been found incorrect. Since these assumptions served as inputs into the overall planning processes, the various planning outputs, such as the work breakdown structure, schedule, budget, quality and risk management plans, will need to be amended accordingly.

The following are examples of project assumptions, which provide a basis for the Office Relocation Project Work Breakdown Structure.

  • The new location building managers will be responsible for obtaining all necessary planning and occupancy permits.
    Assumption impact: some locations do not require a license or a lease to occupy a building. However, it is essential that building manager and building tenant roles and responsibilities be fully documented and reviewed.

  • The current business staffing plan will remain in force for no less than 3 years, by which time additional office space will be available to house new staff.
    Assumption impact: in this example, the business staffing plan is a primary driver behind new office site selection. The staffing plan documents the total current number of staff and outlines the hiring plan for the next 5 years. Deviations from the staffing plan would impact office layout, space allocation, the budget for office equipment and furnishings and plans for future office space expansion.

  • Building construction will be complete by (date).
    Assumption impact: (date) should be no less than 4 months prior to expiration of lease for current office location. This would allow 4-5 months for interior office build out to be completed. In this example, the current office space lease is set to expire one month following completion of the new office space. Delays in completing construction or build out of the new space would directly impact the budget, as the company would be forced to extend the current lease by 1 month (assuming that a month-to-month lease or extension is even available!).

  • That the architect has taken into account the nature of your business and local building codes when designing the interior space.
    Assumption impact: consider a restaurant planning on leasing unit X of a new complex. However, if the interior architect failed to take into account the need for multiple ovens, or open flame broilers, then the restaurant may physically not be able to use that space. This is a real world example, where the restaurant had no project manager to plan the restaurant setup

  • Interior build out will be completed by (date).
    Assumption impact: as in the above assumption, project schedule and budget are also impacted. Other budget impacts may include incurred fees for storage of new office equipment and furniture or double lease payments. Other considerations might include customer service, pre-scheduled events to be held at the new location and general employee transition issues.

  • New office furnishings will arrive by (date).
    Assumption impact: most office furnishings, including basic desks and chairs, need to be pre-ordered from vendors or manufacturers. Depending upon the customization required, the order may take several weeks to fill and ship. If furnishings do not arrive in time, provisions will need to be made to move existing (or short term lease) furnishings to the new location.

  • Existing insurance coverage is acceptable.
    Assumption impact: this assumption should be specifically addressed in the risk management plan.

  • Data and voice circuits will be installed by (date).
    Assumption impact: both data and voice circuits are essential for businesses to operate. Circuit availability should be specifically addressed in the risk management plan.

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