Call Center Software Project Requirements Definition

1. General Call Center Software Project Requirements

1.1. Scalable to support multiple call center locations
1.2. Track both inbound and outbound customer communications

1.2.1. Provide performance metrics and reporting on call queue
1.2.2. Provide performance metrics on staff call handling
1.2.3. Associate all communications with appropriate customer account(s) Maintain log and provide management and center staff access to historic call data

1.3. Call Center software must integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application

1.3.1. Support screen pop based on dialing number for existing customers

1.4. Call Center software must integrate with Billing System
1.5. Call Center software must integrate with Help Desk application to

1.5.1. Track and manage open issues
1.5.2. Escalate and/or dispatch issues to appropriate department (e.g. level II support, engineering, management)
1.5.3. Support the work order management process
1.5.4. Provide incident statistics and management reporting

1.6. Call Center software must provide Knowledge Database

1.6.1. Automatically update knowledge database with issue and resolution information
1.6.2. Provide administrator facilities for managing knowledge database
1.6.3. Knowledge database should be searchable and available to customers via the WWW

1.7. Call Center software Quality management

1.7.1. Support the ability monitor calls for call quality
1.7.2. Support the ability to record calls

1.8. Comply with e-911 standards and provide support for lawful intercept

2. Call Center Software Email Routing Requirements

2.1. Support intelligent routing based on customizable rules definition
2.2. Ability to associate email with customer account

3. Call Center Software Voice Routing Requirements

3.1. Use ACD (Automated Call Distribution) and IVR (Intelligent Voice Routing) to direct calls
3.2. Use Auto Attendant features to greet customer based on time of call

3.2.1. During business hours
3.2.2. After business hours
3.2.3. Holiday
3.2.4. Outage notification
3.2.5. Special announcements

3.3. Routing, Auto Attendant, new extension setup should be manageable by in house technical staff
3.4. Support WWW to phone call center applications

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