Billing Implementation Project Summary Requirements Example

Due to changes in internal business processes, our company requires a new billing platform. We anticipate selecting the new platform within the next 14 days and require the selected product to be wholly implemented within 120 days.

Phased Implementation
The implementation will proceed in 2 distinct phases. The first phase will cover the core product and provide a provisioning interconnect with key services and accounting application architectures.

Core Requirements
The core product must include facilities for managing customers, products, services, equipment, bill generation and presentment, A/R and bill payment including a POS interface, settlement processes, service processing, marketing support and reporting. Ideally, the application will run on an (preference) platform and allow full database access for reporting. The core application and management interfaces should be web based and allow for custom interconnects via an open web services API.

General Requirements

  • The application should be web based and platform independent
  • Hierarchical user and system account privileges for audit control and systems management
  • Robust database environment, preferably (platform)
  • Robust reporting engine
  • Fully accessible data architecture and web services API
  • GAAP audit control compliance

Customer Care

  • Ability to manage all aspects of customer account data, including add, manage, remove services, equipment, bundled packages, etc.
  • Ability to manually activate or deactivate an account (e.g. in a non pay situation)
  • Access to historical account information, including invoices, equipment, services, packages
  • Ability to post debits / credits to account
  • Ability to track contact with customer, including memo or note functionality
  • Ability to set alerts on specific accounts
  • Web based end user interface allows for customer self care, including self sign up, order processing and online credit card payment (real time), usage reporting, access to summary statements
  • Provide reporting for equipment and inventory tracking, product and package statistics

Point of Sale (POS)Interconnect

  • The point of sale system must be wholly integrated with the CRM, A/R, provisioning and order management systems.
  • The POS system should support usage of standard peripherals, including cash drawer, receipt printer, card swipe and bar code scanner
  • Support for networked multiple store locations and multiple terminals at a single location

Service Management

  • Integrate with (products). Provide specifications (e.g. switch information for a telecommunications environment).

Integrated Provisioning

  • Integrate with (product) to enable automated provisioning from within billing
  • Provide aggregate A/R and general ledger export to accounting package

Bill Presentment

  • Supports convergent invoicing for multiple products and/or services
  • Ability to generate physical paper bills
  • Provide for a configurable company branded invoice
  • Ability to generate and distribute bills via email
  • Provide online bill and payment capabilities in end user web interface


  • Provides full GL management
  • Collections management
  • Reporting to include aging, subscriber billing balance history, GL, revenue, earned income, etc

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