Business requirements for online storage and disaster recovery program

Online storage and disaster recovery general account requirements

    User Authentication for services

    • This should be in the form of username and password
    • There should be a 5 letter minimum for usernames and passwords

    Ability to upload files from local PC to Online repository

    • Drag and Drop
    • Browse button
    • Progress indicator

    Ability to download files from Online repository to local PC

    • Drag and Drop
    • Browse Button
    • Progress Indicator

    Ability to manage files that are in Online repository

    • Creation of folders
    • Movement of files from folder to folder
    • Renaming files

    Ability to review and change account information

    • Disk space usage statistics
    • Ability to change username and password

    Single Click entry into Customer’s Email Application

    Help system for users

    • Help system should be available to answer common questions

    Ability to setup shared areas

    • Shared folders locked with username and password
    • Usernames and passwords sent with email “invitation”
    • Place to store usernames and passwords

Online storage and disaster recovery account management requirements

    Billing System Integration

    • Account sign up and management should be handled through the CRM / Billing tool
    • Accounts will have services added to them. These services will differ by disk space allotment
    • Usernames and passwords should be accessible from the CRM / billing interface so that the help desk can update as needed

Online storage and disaster recovery back end management requirements

    Security and Fraud

    • Residential accounts will be shutdown when file sharing exceeds acceptable limits. The account can only be re enabled by an administrator
    • Corporate accounts will have warnings sent to administrators when file sharing exceeds acceptable limits. Limits can be adjusted for corporate accounts on a per account basis
    • Appropriate password timeouts and retries will be implemented to circumvent account farming by automated scripts.
    • SSL required for access


    • Disk space statistics
    • Account usage including upload, download, access
    • Errors of all kinds
    • Sharing
    • Account additions and subtractions
    • Security problems
    • Financial information


    • Web enabled
    • Admin account management, including management email addresses, pagers, phones, etc.
    • Total disk space allocation for residential/corporate

Online storage and disaster recovery non-essential requirements

    Corporate Account Interface

    • Integrated with business applications
    • Enhanced File sharing capabilities. There would be shared folders for all users associated with the Company
    • Ability to appoint a single user as the manager of company accounts. This person would be able to review all files within the company hierarchy and manage accounts

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