Data Center Move Budget Template

A data center move project incurs numerous expenses during the course of the project. Some of these expenses will be one-time; others operationally significant. The planning phase needs to evaluate:

  • The state of the new facilities. Are racks provided? Will these racks meet your requirements? Are the electrical facilities sufficient? Does any equipment require DC power? If so, is this provided? Are cable trays provided or must these be purchased and installed? What D/R facilities are provided? What security is in place?

  • Equipment. Will all of the existing equipment be migrated? What new or replacement equipment will need to be purchased? Will this new hardware require new software licenses? Should redundant equipment be purchased before the move? Does any equipment need to be moved specifically by the vendor, manufacturer, or service provider?

  • Cabling. What cabling will be required and who will implement this cabling?

  • Transport. How will the equipment be transported to the new location? Will this task be outsourced? Is additional insurance required for this task?

The attached spreadsheet will help in outlining a high level data center move budget.

Data Center Relolocation Budget Template (.xls format)

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