Application Development Resource Breakdown Structure

This Resource Breakdown Structure should be used in conjunction with the Application Development Work Breakdown Structure.

1.1. Software/Application Development Management

1.1.1. Internal Project Manager

1.1.2. Client Project manager

1.2. Business Requirements

1.2.1. Evaluate existing processes Business Analyst Business Analyst Business Users

1.2.2. Evaluate legacy application(s) Business Analyst Technical Analyst Business Users

1.2.3. Define new business rules Business Analyst

1.2.4. Define new workflow Business Analyst

1.2.5. Define specific UI requirements Business Analyst Graphic Designer

1.2.6. Define specific technology requirements Business Analyst Network Engineer

1.2.7. Requirements Documentation Business Analyst Technical Analyst Network Engineer

1.3. Application Architecture

1.3.1. Functional Specifications Business Analyst Senior Application Developer Application Developer Database Architect

1.3.2. Technical Specifications Technical Analyst Network Engineer

1.3.3. Client Signoff Business users

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